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The Dream that

started it all...

In 2016, Chad woke up from a dream that began his journey of prayer paddling all 840 miles of the California Coast.

In the dream, he was stand up paddle boarding Big Sur and then he saw two healing angels come down from Heaven. They had paddles and they began stirring the waters around him in a circle and as they did this the air began to turn into healing particles. As chad was watching this in his dream, a cloud of healing then formed above him and then stretched itself over California, over America and then over the world. It was then that he heard The Lord audibly say, “Chad, it’s time for you to come out and tell people you’re an intercessor.”

Then he woke up.

“When I woke up from the dream I knew it was an invitation, because I am just not a stand up paddle boarder…like not at all. I’ve never stood up paddled boarded before. I had this dream in May and then Julia got me a paddle board on Father’s Day of 2016. It was awesome and crazy. I just knew it was an invitation that God was asking me to intercede by stand up paddle boarding the whole coast of California. It was a knowing in my spirit and i’ve held onto it for five years and well…now, here we go!”


Chad Dedmon

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