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Missions Trips  


Missions Trip Application

This trip will require a high level of flexibility and mental fortitude. The team will be doing a variety of different things and daily plans could be changing. On a scale of one to 5 how flexible would you rate yourself?
1 I take a long time to wrap my head around change
5 Changed plans and spontaneity does not bother me at all
On a scale of one to 5 how are you on time management?
1. I am often late
4 I have a very good sense of time and rarely am late
5 I am never late
Do you have any allergies? Food or medical.
T-shirt size

Washington DC / A Million Women 

Oct 9th-13th 2024 // Deadline to apply Aug 11th // $750-900

Do you feel there is something stirring in our nation right now? We are on the edge of revival - but this revival will look like EVERYONE getting involved! Lou Engle had the vision to assemble on the mall - on the day of atonement - one million Esthers who will stand up against the evil of our day and declare the blood of Jesus over America!

We are gathering our own team of Esters and Mordecais  to come to the mall to pray and intercede for the nation and for the breaking of the hold the principalities have had on our country. We will arrive in DC by the evening of the 9th and begin an epic prayer and evangelistic journey around the capital over the 10th and 11th leading up to the main event on the 12th. If you are ready to come and contend, if you are ready to put faith into action, come join us on the mall! 

Apply below and someone will be in touch with you shortly for next steps.

*Includes all meals, lodging, transportation and a T-shirt.  Does not include flights/transportation to DC. 

Monk Of Stoke Coachella 2025

April 10th-14th 2025 // Deadline to apply: Jan 1st 2025 // Total cost $900 (Excludes concert tickets and travel) 

Join us for this epic concert outreach! We are coming to bring the light of Jesus and engage in a form of ministry we have found to be extremely effective!  

Fill out an application and learn more about this one day meetup! 

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