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Discover and build a house of prayer in yourself that is authentic to the way God has created you!

Discover Authentic 


This course is designed to help you grow in and discover your authentic expression of prayer and intercession and learn how to crawl deep into the heart of God in order to pray from His heart! 

Meet the


Speaks on the power of crawling inside of Gods’ heart in prayer and evangelism. She shares real life stories from her prayer room and personal history with the Lord that will challenge you to go deeper in your walk with God no matter where you are at. 

Heidi Baker

Shares his personal journey of discovering the heart of God in intercession and the backdrop to his ministry at Upperoom. He shares his secrets to intimacy with God and praying in an effective way to see God's will unleashed on earth. 

Michael Miller

Chad and Theresa discuss intercession in the creative arts and outside of the four walls of the church. There is a creative expression of intercession in you, if it’s painting, dance, music biking, walking and more. Discover your personal expression of intercession! 

Theresa Dedmon

Dives deep into what praying from our identity in Christ looks like and shares his personal journey in growing in authority and confidence in prayer. He also breaks down stereotypes and lies that have plagued intercession.

Justin Stumvoll